A Prescription for Accountable Healthcare

Clinical Pharmacy Associates provides solutions for hospitals, other healthcare institutions, nursing homes and managed care providers to realize the benefits of superior pharmacy and medication management in the new era of accountable healthcare.

Independent and unbiased, we are an organization comprised of skilled, experienced clinical pharmacists, physicians, nurses and engineers. The extraordinary level of expertise we bring to our clients makes us especially adept at:

  • Providing answers to drug information problems
  • Drug utilization and formulary support through P&T management services
  • Patient outcomes management and analysis
  • Optimizing pharmacy services
  • Management and technical consulting
  • Education and training
  • Medication error prevention and risk mitigation programs
  • Outsourcing clinical and management expertise
  • Medication-related technology strategic planning, implementation support and remediation
  • Strategic planning for pharmacy operations
  • Accreditation preparedness for medication management
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