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Medication Use Clinical Program Development
Satisfying accreditation standards is an on-going challenge and pressure for every hospital. The good news is, Clinical Pharmacy Associates' clinicians have 25 years of hands-on experience in helping hospitals, Ambulatory Care Centers, Surgi-Centers and other healthcare institutions quickly implement programs that comply with the latest accreditation standards for:

  • Anticoagulation Dosing and Monitoring
  • 797 Sterile IV Room Implementation
  • Infusion Center Development
  • Medication Use and Control Programs
  • Medication Emergency Preparedness Programs
  • Clinical Pharmacy Intervention Programs
  • Medication Reconciliation

Formulary Advisory
Formulary management is a critical component of controlling healthcare costs for both inpatient and outpatient sectors. In its simplest form (i.e., a drug list), it allows prescribers and patients an awareness of medications that are covered by insurance plans. However it's greater utility is in linking procedures, hospitalizations and drug therapy to affect health outcomes. With over 10% of national health expenditures for prescription drug expenses, not including medications used in hospitalizations, the importance of optimal medication use to reduce morbidity and mortality is clear.

Clinical Pharmacy Associates focuses on an integrated approach that incorporates hospital and outpatient specific data analysis, such as diagnosis, encounters and prescribing trends, combined with evidence-based decision support, to match the most highly effective drug therapy to patient needs. Through the use of our plan combined with hospital-specific pharmacoeconomic analysis, we can help shape and maximize drug utilization. In addition our tools, including New Drug Classification and FDA Safety Related Changes, help proactively design each institution health plan's best formulary to meet their patients' needs.

Our service features consulting, analysis, on-going management, error prevention and P&T on DemandSM tools, thereby combining formulary development with drug utilization, drug- and disease-based order sets and individualized patient care technologies such as antibiotic stewardship and pharmaceutical dosing to optimize cost savings and improve patient care. Our programs at both Hospital and managed care organizations, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), provide the best drug therapy management through the continuum of care.

Pharmacogenetic Advisory
With the advent of personalized patient drug treatment, pharmacogenetics analysis and therapy is at the forefront of innovative patient care. CPA is participating with major pharmacogenetics testing companies to bring testing to proper patient use. Our experts help guide physicians, and health plans will benefit from these exciting therapies and their impact on costs. Consulting includes impact analysis and program development.

Education & Training
Clinical Pharmacy Associates' focus is on programs that provide practical and readily useable drug information to healthcare providers. Since we are independent, there is no pharmaceutical company influence on the content. We specialize in formulary drug class reviews aimed at providing busy practitioners the latest in drug therapy management. Customized programs are available on request. Contact Patty Carmody toll-free at (800) 745-0434 or call (413) 543-1318 or e-mail her at pcarmod@clinpharm.com or info@clinpharm.com.
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