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CPA Connect

CPA ConnectSM Is a service that brings Clinical Pharmacists through the continuum of care. Clinical Pharmacists Interact with Patients to enhance the patient-physician interaction. By obtaining additional information before a physician appointment, admission or extending an appointment for a teaching session. Adding Clincial Pharmacists in your practice can directly improve patient care!

To make the best medication management decisions you need a clear view of all the medications and therapies prescribed, from all sources and access to subject matter experts. CPA ConnectSM gives you that clarity!

CPA Connect Provides
  • Medication Reconciliation Services
  • Enhanced MTMSM
  • Chronic Disease State Management
  • Patient Adherence Counseling and Medication Education
  • Academic Detailing and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Medication Reconciliation or Medication Therapy Management from CPA ConnectSM provides full medication history review from multiple sources. Empowering practitioners to create clarity around medications for their patients.  Delivering critical information to providers and patients about their medication saves time, saves money, and ultimately saves lives!

Patients are referred to CPA ConnectSM Pharmacists via Physician Consult or by triggers established in a Customized Pharmacy Practice ProtocolSM. Triggers include: New Patients, Recently Hospitalized Patients and Identified Disease States or Specific Medications.

Video Protocol

Through our Clinical Telepharmacy Model connecting with the pharmacist is easy and convenient for patients and providers alike. Our Staff are available for appointments and consults via video chat and phone, from the office or the patients home.


By using the telemedicine model your practice can afford the investment in a Medication Use Expert for your practice! We work to help your practice meet the patient quality benchmarks based on CMS guidelines and payor quality contracts. By bringing clinical pharmacy to primary care you will enhance your patients medical home.**

** www.pediatrics.org/cgi/doi/10.1542/peds.2013-4080  

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